4 Soon Lee Road , level 6, Singapore 628071


Our services include:-

Past Completed Projects include:

  • District Cooling network-Common service Tunnel Phase 3A

    • Insulation and fireproofing of pipe system
  • Asia Pacific Breweries Plant expansion & shutdown

    • Ethanol capacity expansion project
    • FST & Horap, CO2 expansion Project
  • Singapore NexBTL Plant Project

    • Fireproofing insulation of cable tray piping system
    • Thermal insulation of equipment and piping for HP Offgas Dryer process system
  • Jurong data Centre

    • Insulation of ACMV pipe System

    • Vessels Insulation work and personnel protection by cage to equipment
  • FSPO & Custody Transfer Metering Skids for Petrodar Operating Company Limited

    • Insulation of pipe and equipment
  • Intel Micron -Singapore Nand Fab Project

    • Insulation of gas Dryers systems